The Glamorisation of Mental Illness

I am reblogging this because I feel it is true; mental illness does become stereo-typed and misunderstood.
Thanks to It’s A Crazy World:)

It's a Crazy World

I feel that this should be a pretty over-laboured point by now, but if that were true then the problem wouldn’t still persist. I’m sick of seeing black and white photos of a girl crying black tears in the corner of an empty room surrounded by razor blades, or skeletal teenagers standing in their underwear with a poetic quote overlaying the image in a cursive font. And don’t even get me started on how angry pictures like this make me:


The reality is, self harm and eating disorders aren’t pretty or fun. It’s not a life choice you make when you wake up one day and feel a bit crap, it’s an illness which takes over and interferes with your life. You don’t spend hours posing for photos, you spend hours trying to keep it secret and make sure nobody finds out and stops you. It’s all well thinking that…

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