A Day in the Life of Depression (poem)

I am alone, in the dark,
enveloped in my own imagination.
Thoughts race…feelings purge.
To function takes all my concentration.
My body aches with great pain.
Crippled by my own mind.
Helpless I lie, and the tears fall.
I feared it was only a matter of time,
before this familiar disease of mine
played it’s old tune.
Down deep in my soul,
there is a light,
that will shine again soon.
I dig my nails in, as I drape from the cliff.
I flex my limbs before they get too stiff.
Hanging on to a thread of hope,
that the end is in sight.
Darkness comforts me now
as the stars shine bright.
Sleep with the Moon,
Rise with the Sun,
Just a day of depression,
a new day dawns soon.

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