To be called “mentally ill” means…

This post that was posted on Hopeworks Community is sad and true. I have experienced several of these…

Hopeworks Community

From the archives.

1. It means to be poor.  You may have had problems with job stability and faced problems getting a job if prospective employers find out about your mental health history.
2.  You probably are not getting the help you need to successfully deal with whatever issues you have.  Some of it has to do with access (if you dont have a job you probably dont have insurance).  Some of it has to do with availability.  Many people just have fewer and fewer options as budgets are cut.  Some of it has to do with stigma.  People are unlikely to seek help that brands them as “crazy” or “weird.”
3.  Sick.  People with a mental health diagnosis get horrible medical care and are likely to die 25 years earlier than those without a diagnosis.  Some of it is lack of insurance.  Some of it is not being taken…

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