Be An Encourager Of Potential

The best part of receiving The Very Inspiring Blogger Award, was giving it to 15 other people. We all share an inner part of us when blogging and we all need a little encouragement. Spread inspiration and encouragement to whom ever where ever you are!

Energize Your Thoughts

Be an encourager of potential and see how much your words can help with transforming the lives of each individual that you encourage, as they may grow more confidently. You believing in their ability can help them to believe in their own ability. Have you ever had doubts in carrying out a task that you wanted to do? Wondering why you? Then out of nowhere someone encouraged you and let you know that you were capable of doing a great job? How did that make you feel? Suddenly, you felt more confident, took on the task and wallah, you did so good you even surprised yourself. Words have power, so let yours be that of uplifting, empowering and encouraging someone today to go beyond their limitations. Your words may just be the words that will allow them to realize that they too have greatness in them. For that, I totally believe that you should leave the people you have an encounter…

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