Reality (poem)

       shattered heart photo: shattered heart symptoms-of-a-broken-heart-588.png
I sit alone in this house and all I can see are broken dreams
Nothing is as what it seems
My tears fall to the floor
What was, isn’t anymore
Shattered illusions
Massive confusion
My heart is broken and dare not speak
My mind is gray and my soul weak
Hoping time will make things clear
Meanwhile enveloped in fear
You broke your promise and you broke me
Now only reality will set me free

4 thoughts on “Reality (poem)

  1. Look at the picture at the top of your blog. Go for that. Don’t give him the power to break you. You can move beyond him into the world that picture at the top symbolizes. You can do what you need to heal and move beyond abusive relationships. I’m so glad you are sharing yourself with this blogging community.

  2. I am truly grateful for your support and this community and I am so proud that I have found the ability to share my blog. I may break but I am not broken. Sometimes I gotta break down to break through! I guess that’s why ”Im breakdown chick, lol. Thanks for reaching out as always,,your comments and support means a lot to me. ❤

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