Writing 201: Hero/ine

(Writing 201, today’s prompt is Hero/ine, form is Ballad, device Anaphora/Epistophre)

My Mom the Mystic


My mom the mystic

an angel from above

sent to Earth to teach

of nature and

unconditional love.

My mom the mystic

magical spirit

living as human


to love and protect me.

My mom the mystic

had not an easy life

yet she gracefully

treaded the long haul

of struggle and strife

My mom the mystic

had bravery that set her free

from unhealthy relations

inevitably emerging

a survivor and single mom of three.

My mom the mystic

worked hard, went to school.

and still made time for us.

Sing-a-longs and family outings,

doing her best

we could always trust

My mom the mystic

carried unique gifts

that she fought hard

to present.

She practiced her talents

despite judgement

My mom the mystic

was a psychic

and an empath.

she lived her life

to express

and walk her true path.

My mom the mystic

helped thousands

maybe more

as they walked through

her shop door.

My mom the mystic

gave and gave

until she couldn’t anymore.

Her weary soul

was of pure light

but her tired body lost

to cancer

her final fight.

My mom the mystic

was far too bright

for a dreary world.

I’m so grateful to have been

her little girl.

My mom the mystic

surrounds me

each day

reminding me

of her lessons

and to live my life

the mystic way.


I miss you everyday Mom! 😦 ❤




14 thoughts on “Writing 201: Hero/ine

  1. Oh wow, this is a lovely tribute to an amazing person – I’m so glad you got to have the experience of being your mother’s daughter – I’m sure, wherever she is, she’s incredibly touched right now, and very proud of you.

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