Writing 201: Fingers

(Writing 201, today’s prompt is Fingers, form is Prose, device is Assonance)

Finger Language

Fingers have a language of their own,

so be careful little fingers what you do!

A thumb down is a big boo

but the thumb turned up

means great job or right on!

Take care though, it can also suggest

to nastily sit on it and rotate.

Touch your thumb with your pointer finger

with the other three fingers spread up and out,

can literally spell OK!

Or just the O, meaning zilch, zero.

The pointer finger and middle finger in a V shape

form a sign of peace, if your palm is faced out.

Palm faced in is the English way to say, Bugger off!

Middle finger by itself means the same, a big F-you!

The pointer finger alone can say so much.

Ssshh, wait a minute, come here, or go that way.

Your pointer and thumb formed in L shape,

symbolize the word Loser.

Keep the L shape and add your pinky,

your saying I love you.

Now, drop the thumb and you’ve got

devil’s ears, or simply known as Rock on!

Switch the pointer with the thumb

and keep the pinky up, and you’re hanging loose.

Hold them up to your ear if you want someone to call you.

Use the pinky alone

and join it with the pinky of another,

if you need to make a special promise.

These are but a few of what fingers can say.

So, whatever you want to convey, make sure

you know which finger to hold where.









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