Writing 201: Landscape

(Writing 201, today’s prompt Landscape, form Found poetry, device Enumeration
My OCD side had a hard time accepting this form; but, my creative side loved it.

The Ocean


20150226_121945Extraordinary Powerful Guide,

Where Beauty Begins, Time Stands Still.

You think about Life, Your Connection to Everything.

Dream, Meditate, Bright Ideas, Will Change Your Life

No Place Like,

The World’s Blue Beauty.

Excites the Heart, 0% Hesitation,

100% Fearless, Art, A Transformation.

Think, What Lies Beneath, Wild, Adventure.

Play, Purify, Discover.

Health Refreshed, Energizing, Luminous,

Glowing Natural Nourishment.

Vibrant, Strong, Serenity, Knows No Bounds.

What Survival, Life, Love & Beauty Is About.

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