“Love is….”

Thanks to Krissy over at kneal1 poetry for inviting me to participate in the Love in Ten Sentences event.

Here’s to spreading the love ❤

1. Love can be illusory; but, it is seen with the soul.

2. Mislead people think love will make them whole.

3. Self love is the highest of good.

4. Love is often misunderstood.

5. Love is not obsessive or out of need.

6. Love should not make your heart bleed.

7. Love is meant to be given unconditionally.

8. Money can’t buy love; because it is free.

9. Whether it’s family, friends or a lover;

10. Love is an emotion like no other.

Please pay the love forward! 🙂 ❤

11 thoughts on ““Love is….”

  1. its really amazing all the love that is being shown here!
    so true” Money can’t buy love and Love is a emotion like no other”…
    Sending hugs to you a big thank you my friend.
    Please feel free to nominate others if you wish (or otherwise) and thanks again for joining us in spreading” Love in Ten “you are so talented… peace and blessings…

  2. This is a beautiful challenge. I might have to think of my own :). Love is constantly shifting 🙂

    • Lol,,,thanks so much, and your welcome! Pay the love forward if you would like to participate!!! 🙂 ❤

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