Postpartum Bipolar Disorder Research Study

My friend Dyane over at Birth of a New Brain is recruiting for the first study  that specifically addresses mothers, stigma and bipolar disorder in the postpartum period (0-12 months). It’s being conducted by her friend Dr. Walker Karraa, author of the acclaimed book “Transformed by Postpartum Depression: Women’s Stories of Trauma and Growth” (the #1 bestseller in the Amazon postpartum book category!!!) and founder of Stigmama.

I am helping her spread awareness on this very important study. Also a mutual friend, and writer/mental health advocate  Kitt O’Malley, blogged about Dr. Karraa’s study requirements.

Here are the requirements for the research study entitled “The Stigma of Mental Illness for Mothers Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder 0-12 Months Postpartum.”

Participant inclusion criteria includes: (a) having received a clinical diagnosis for bipolar disorder 0-12 months postpartum; (b) being able to give informed consent; (c) speaking English; (d) having access to phone and email; (e) and willingness to participate; (f) at least 18 years of age.

Participants will participate in one 60-90 minute, audio taped, phone interview with the principal investigator. Participants will be asked to review transcribed interview and return to principal investigator. The total time commitment for participation is estimated at 4 hours spread over several weeks.

If you know of potential participants, or colleagues who may be interested in sharing this recruitment letter, please share the attached recruitment letter, or contact Dr. Kerraa, Phd at, or 818-489-8192.


2 thoughts on “Postpartum Bipolar Disorder Research Study

  1. Thank you SO much for going above and beyond to share this information!
    You’ve made my day with your thoughtfulness and for recognizing the importance of this study. In a word, you-ROCK! 😉

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