But…Blogger’s Block?

There is so much I want to say

But…nothing will come out.

I have long lists of posts

that I want to write about.

But…my OCD forces me

to carefully consider

the order I must post them in.

But…I try to at least produce,

how I am at the moment

and my latest news.

But…time goes by

and I’ve been away,

then I don’t know how

to start or what to say.

There’s so much more

that I want to share.

But…when I sit down

it isn’t all there.

Then my depression lies to me

creating even more anxiety.

Move through the dark and the pain,

is what I’ve learned.

Maybe this is the same.

Chip away at the block

that sits in front of me.

Until I get to the other side.

This is what I need to do.

Out of my head and over to you.

No If’s, or Buts,

no where to hide.

Take a deep breath,

set inhibition free.

It’s time to cross the line,

the boundaries within,

to yank my inner gut

Yes, it’s time to begin.

The journey.

7 thoughts on “But…Blogger’s Block?

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