On what the dogs learned

You are NOT alone!!!
I’ve been thinking about writing a post with that title; but, then I came across this and it said it all.
Too often we isolate ourselves and life becomes even more overbearing.
This sweet post reminds us to reach out to one another and not die inside alone.
It is sad that dogs had to die to teach us this valuable lesson; the least we can do is practice the knowledge.

Hopeworks Community

(based on an earlier post)

One of the most famous experiments in psychology was done many years ago on dogs.  Now many years later it still effects how we think about ourselves.

The experiment was really simple.  They put a dog on an electrified pad and gave him an electric shock.  When he jumped a small fence onto another pad the shock stopped.  Not suprisingly the dogs learned to jump quickly.  Then they changed the rules.  They put the dog down on the same pad.  This time they waited until he jumped and then shocked the pad that before had been safe.  Took a bit longer but the dog stopped jumping.  But the important part of the experiment was the last part.

They changed the rules again.  Sometimes they shocked them for staying.  Sometimes they shocked them for jumping.  The important thing was that it didnt matter what the dog did. …

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