Weary Parent

weary by the water

I am weary as this crushing world overpowers me

A single parent with mental illness,

giving all I can to my child whom also suffers

with the same lonely depression.

I am only one woman. 

Feeling alone and incapable

of the heavy living of life.

To provide the many needs tears at my flesh.

The home, the money, the meals, the emotional support.

At times, it is only my daughter and I

lost in the vast ocean, fighting the current.

Treading furiously, exhausted,

drowning in our sleep.

Hoping for the sun to rise and awaken to another day,

For the storm to pass, the waters to calm and a lifeboat

to come carry our weary bodies to shore.

I am a weary parent; but, with the kindness of few and the

grace of the great spirit, I paddle on.




9 thoughts on “Weary Parent

  1. So much raw emotion here. Keep on paddling. Keep on being that fortress that you are. I’m sure your child looks up to you, the same way many of us do. Xoxo

  2. I know how proud you are of your baby girl. You should be just as proud of yourself! You are doing a wonderful job!
    ❤ ❤ ❤

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