Back to the Basics&On the Mend

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Healing always seems to involve going back to the basics. Whether it’s a mental breakdown or a sinus infection; I find I have to slow down and check in with myself.

Some basics that ensure continuing health are adequate sleep, exercise, nutrition, others include personal time and reflection, spirituality, nurturing time, etc., If one or more of these are off then our health is sure to be affected.

A few weeks ago when I left the doctor’s office, I was a mess. I was instructed to actually schedule in poop time! It was explained to me that with chronic constipation, the colon stretches over time and doesn’t signal the body when it is full. Talk about going back to the basics! After every meal I have to take a few minutes in the bathroom to train my body. I also was told to drink 64oz of water a day and 5-6 servings of fruits and veggies;  I scheduled these in too, along with medications, miralax and citrucel.

Some basics need to be learned or trained or retrained. Others are just a matter of motivation and initiative. With depression they all are a challenge. For a few weeks now, I’ve got some of these down, including the poop time, nutrition, sleep, water intake and 15min of yoga each morning. (I plan on increasing my yoga when I’m feeling better). Other basics I need to include in my schedule would be creative time, writing time, nurturing time. I think these are the ones that take more motivation, probably because they are directly linked to self love and worth for me.

The bottom line is I am on the mend. Last few weeks, slowly and surely I am healing. Yesterday was my first day off all the medications I was on and I am starting to feel energy seep back into my body. I have been so exhausted and weighed by the fog of fatigue. As I get stronger my schedule will include more of the basics I feel I need to be in good health of body, mind and spirit. Healing is an everyday, ever going process.

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