Mother Earth’s Quilt

In honor of the 50th Earth Day, I wanted to share a poem I wrote when I was in college. It was an assignment on Diversity and was published in the Vanguard Book of our school. During this Pandemic our Earth has been healing. I hope when this is over, we can focus on how to keep our Planet healthy. Peace and Love 💚

Mother Earth’s Quilt                                                      earth day Sylvia Plath

In a Secret Garden beyond twilight,

they gathered round in a circle.

Father Sky, Mother Earth,

and creatures of the night.

The Great Sun and Grandmother Moon,

All the Gods and Goddesses

would be there soon.

The Fairies danced for they knew

what they were about to witness.                                unity

Never before and Never again,

would there be a creation quite like this.

The circle formed and they all held hands.

Everyone…from Goddess to Gnome.

All equal, all One, no one left alone.

A miracle transpired, colors filled the Earth.

Their Unity and Love created a birth.

The human race was born.

Mother Earth loved all of us.

Her Quilt kept her warm.

Rainbows of people, innocent and new,

lived harmoniously together, it was all they knew.

Each patch unique, each a different color.

Yet connected with a thread of Gold,

woven from the Gods and Goddesses,

giving us our Soul.

Created in Gods image with Love in the heart,

but we were only human and fear set us apart.

The Quilt became tattered, the colors faded,

hopes were battered.

Trial and tribulation,

War and segregation.

Mother Earth wept, naked and cold.

She prayed her children would find again,

their common thread of Gold.

Slowly and deliberately, many lifetimes later,

more and more awaken to the memory of their birth,

Unity, Freedom, and Love for Mother Earth.

One by one, the patches renew with all their glory.

This is Mother Earth’s Quilt,

her children, and her story.

by Maria Fairbrother



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