Meeting White Pine

female pine pic (2)

I sat before you and closed my eyes
introducing myself in my mind.
Inhaling your essence
Exhaling love in exhange.
One continuous flow our breath became.
I felt the chill of the soil around my feet
where your roots lay range.
Feeling the nutrients rise
up from Mother,
I felt your feminine power
and started to cry.
Missing my mom who had died.
A daughter’s tears
of failure and grief.
My heart met yours
and green and gold colors
swirled through and around us.
You held me, and filled me with love
My sadness relieved.
Our hearts beating,
our synchronized breathing,
I continued to follow the flow,
upward and out.
Arms reaching,
Branches in the sun.
Our spirits connected,
There was no doubt
We for a moment were one.
I opened my eyes
and my mind.
Lost track of time
Was a pleasure to meet you
My dear friend White Pine

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