For My Dream Reader(s)

I’ve been taking the Blogging 101 course here on WordPress. It has been a lot of work; but, a lot of fun. This is an assignment we had, to write a post to our “dream reader.” The person we visualize reading our blog. You are all my Dream Readers!!! Thanks for being here. 🙂

Dream photo: dream dream.jpg

You are not defined by color, race or religion.

 It matters not if you are male or female, or if you’re healthy or have an illness.

 Whoever and wherever you are in life is alright with me. You are perfect just the way you are.

 You feel for me when I share my pain and struggles, and smile with me through my joys and triumphs.

 My stories sometimes make you cry; but they make you think.

 You begin to understand what it is like for someone with mental illness.

 You double my happiness and half my sorrow.

 I face another day because you are there.

 I reciprocate and will always be there for you.

 You are inspired. I am inspired.

 I am so glad you found me, and I , you.