Stressed. Sick. Scared


Stressed=Sick=Scared, it’s a viscous cycle.

Stressed.ย The whole process of my temporary job caused me a heavy load of stress, not all bad; but, stress just the same. The way my body reacts to stress? Depression, anxiety, insomnia, poor eating habits, constipation, muscle tension and migraines. My body becomes worn and prone to sickness.ย 

Sick. Three weeks ago, I had to call into work on what would’ve been my last day. My daughter hadn’t been feeling well, and I assumed I picked up whatever bug she had. I had stomach pain, headache, stuffed up nose and just plain old exhaustion. We both rested as much as possible for the rest of the week. My daughter complained about her ears, so I made her a doctor’s appointment. I was feeling a little better and thought I was going to be okay. Late last week, I brought my daughter to her appointment and I was feeling awful. Extremely sore throat, chest congestion and body aches. I made an appointment for myself. Yesterday I saw my doctor. I have a sinus infection and my asthma is exacerbated. Not to mention that my bowels are impacted and my ovaries are in a great deal of pain. I was put on Prednisone (a steroid I know all to well after a lifetime of asthma), antibiotics and a bunch of Miralax. ย I also have to get ultrasounds for my ovaries and colon.

Scared. Being sick always equals depression for me. After a lifetime of asthma, it doesn’t scare me as much as it used to. However, the situation with my ovaries does. If you remember, I had a surgery last year around this time to remove my uterus lining. It relieved the heavy bleeding and therefore some of the ovary pain. Unfortunately, the ovary pain returned. I saw a new gynecologist three months ago and she put me on the birth control pill in hopes of helping. She told me if it didn’t then to think of what I wanted removed, just ovaries, or ovaries and uterus. She explained that with the symptoms I have, and for how long I’ve had them, she is assuming I am pretty corroded. She informed me to call in a few months and let her know if the pills helped. They did for two months. This month my pain is back with vengeance. I have an appointment for March 14, and most likely will be discussing surgery. After a long talk with my doctor yesterday, I learned that t endemetriosis can affect my colon as well, and there could be adhesions everywhere. I concluded that to ever get any real relief, I have to have surgery; but, I’m scared.

Being scared brings naturally brings me right back to stressed. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ