Inspiring Person Essay (by my daughter)

My daughter had to write an essay as part of her application process to her new high school.

She had a few topics to choose from. She chose to write about a person that inspires her.

I am so flattered that she chose me! I was even more honored when I read it.

After she finished the essay, she said, “Phew mom, writing about your life was exhausting!”

I laughed and replied, “Ya, and those are only the highlights!”

She had to ask me for adjectives, highlights& lowlights of my childhood, early adulthood and adulthood.

It was hard for me to reflect on. I had to search for highlights and tried to not sound so dismal with my adjectives; but, she proceeded to compose a beautiful essay about me that brought me to tears. I am such a proud mama!

I share it with you: Inspiring Person Essay, by Serenity Fairbrother

America’s Got Inspiration

The show America’s Got Talent brought me to tears this week, when Anna Clendening, a 20 year old woman who suffers from depression and anxiety disorders, stepped out on that stage and sung Halleluja. She openly stated that only 2-3 months ago she was bed ridden due to her illnesses. She was very open and honest about her pain and suffering, as were her parents.

I was not only inspired by her; but the way people responded to her. Her parents supported her immensely. Nick Cannon escorted her to the stage because she was so nervous. The crowd clapped to encourage her. Howie Mandel whom I admire greatly for being open about his own disorders, applauded her bravery. Howie Mandel has OCD disorder and specifically an irrational fear of germs, mysophobia. He said he understands the difficulty and told her that the fact she even showed up was amazing. I can attest to his statement. It seems not long ago that I was bedridden myself. It is terrifying how the mind can literally cripple you.

I was truly moved by her courage. When she sang, her emotions came through her voice giving me goosebumps. The crowd roared as they gave her a standing ovation. After she finished, Howie Mandel went to the stage and hugged her, despite his own disorder. As the two of them stood on that stage, I cried. Here were two people fighting their illnesses.  It was truly an emotional and beautiful experience.

“Live is full of peaks and valleys, you have seen and experienced a lot of valleys, tonight young lady you are on a peak” were Howie’s last words to her as the crowd screamed. The judges loved her and voted her in for the next round. I look forward to seeing and hearing more of her.

The whole occurrence proved to me how far America has come in our awareness and toleration of mental illness. I was truly moved and inspired.




Be An Encourager Of Potential

The best part of receiving The Very Inspiring Blogger Award, was giving it to 15 other people. We all share an inner part of us when blogging and we all need a little encouragement. Spread inspiration and encouragement to whom ever where ever you are!

Energize Your Thoughts

Be an encourager of potential and see how much your words can help with transforming the lives of each individual that you encourage, as they may grow more confidently. You believing in their ability can help them to believe in their own ability. Have you ever had doubts in carrying out a task that you wanted to do? Wondering why you? Then out of nowhere someone encouraged you and let you know that you were capable of doing a great job? How did that make you feel? Suddenly, you felt more confident, took on the task and wallah, you did so good you even surprised yourself. Words have power, so let yours be that of uplifting, empowering and encouraging someone today to go beyond their limitations. Your words may just be the words that will allow them to realize that they too have greatness in them. For that, I totally believe that you should leave the people you have an encounter…

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