The New Year: Review, Reflect and Move Forward

moving forward

It’s the first week of 2016 and I wanted to take time to wish all of you a very Happy New Year. I hope your holidays were filled with love. Mine were wonderful. Lots of laughter, bonding and magic with my daughter. Memories that I am deeply grateful for.

As 2015 came to a peaceful end, I reviewed my progress and felt quite proud. A year ago, my life began to move in a new direction. I had finally recognized and identified my personal boundaries. I reinforced those boundaries by moving out on my own, despite feeling terrified! I continued to work on my self worth and learned to listen to my body. I worked on my PTSD with EMDR therapy. I quit smoking cigarettes. I became a vegetarian and I started a new job. (A temporary holiday job that I will post about seperately). Wow!!! Did I really do all that? It feels like I have been working for years to just be ready for my life. Alas, sadness, frustration and the paralyzing fears have finally loosened their grip on me. Somewhere in the darkness I found myself.


In 2016 I plan to further discover my true self by continuing to heal. I have more work to do with EMDR and improving my physical health. I will dedicate more time to nourishment of my soul through writing, crafting, nature, yoga and meditation. I will take more steps to re-enter the workforce. I will also work on personal relationships as my self confidence grows. I look forward to another year of enlightenment.

I reflect, and pat myself of the back for making it this far. It’s been a bumpy ride; but my caboose is still running and I continue to move forward in the direction of my dreams.

1175234_10207617239576591_3750795556663999683_n     Happy New Year!!! ❤

happy new year