A New Direction


My life has been in a state of limbo since August; when I came to the conclusion that I could not live with my boyfriend again.

I just moved into this house last December, and now I have to leave.

The dreams and plans my boyfriend and I had together came to a halt.

New dreams and plans of my own revealed themselves to me. A part of me that was sitting on a shelf for so long begged for recognition.

After visiting a social worker I found new hope in being able to sustain myself and my daughter with my disability income.

She kindly place me on a housing program called Bridges. They pay a portion of your rent until your name on the 8 year list for housing comes up.

I’ve been searching and have found nothing in the area I was looking in. I didn’t consider moving out of this area because my daughter is on her second year at her third high school and was doing better.

Ironically, her and I discussed a few weeks ago a school that is in Dover, NH, about 45 min away. C.A.T.A is an art focused community charter high school.

We went to check it out last week. The music classes were in session as they were preparing for their midyear media showcase. In one room, a chorus was singing Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, and around the corner there was a teacher with a few students, instructing them how to play Led Zeppelin. I took one glance at my daughter in her Rolling Stones t-shirt and saw light around her.

Needless to say, we are looking in Dover now to live. The rents are cheaper and there is more available, so I don’t think it will be a long search.

Meanwhile, she starts tomorrow and I will make the 45 min drive; because if I have the opportunity to provide my daughter with an environment that she will thrive in; I’d drive across the world for that. To see her actually enjoy and participate these next few years in school will be worth the inconvenience.

So, a bright new direction finally portrayed itself. My life and dreams are a little less in limbo:)