New Year Reflections~


Happy 2015!

Wow! I survived the holidays! I am here in the New Year!

I welcome the changes, though parts of me are dying,,,a new self is emerging.

I envision my daughter and I finally in our own place, living our lives to the fullest potential.

But…I am grounded in muck, my emotions are wild and my head cloudy.

With the winter, I find the need for withdrawal and introspection.

Knowing that in the spring, a new life will be sprouting.

This New year will reflect the person I always wanted to be~



The following entries I wrote on New Year 2004, they still very much relate~


I want…a bright future, with my daughter,

in the garden, healing animals.

I want…my health, and health for my family; 

and wealth, enough to get by.

I want…to live peacefully, to be content with myself,

and with others.

I want…education, knowledge,

and for my mind to always want more!

I want…to laugh, to cry, to always be in tune with my emotions.

I want…to wake up everyday and do all of these.

I want…to smell incense, hug a tree, to pray and meditate

and to hear symphonies.

I want…to paint, draw, color;

in a book, in the air, or in my mind.

I want…to create, to imagine, to dream

and never stop…

I want…to never stagnate, procrastinate,

complain, be ignorant or non-compassionate.

I want…to see the world, to explore

to live my life the way…

I want.


Dreams of a life

that has not happened yet.

Memories of a life

long gone.

Taunted by the mind.


One path,

One person,