My roots run deep into the earth

where the insects roam.

My hair blows in the wind

flowing with the sky.

My arms open wide to hug the world; 


people hurt me, abuse me, take

me for granted, and cut me down;


it is my destiny 

to be a tree.

tree                                  pic by danfador@pixabay


Grounding to the Earth

Deep memories surface

demanding higher purpose.

I ground my feet to the Earth

praying for rebirth.

The pain in my soul

wants my body to let it go.

Release the poisonous past.

Be free of it at last.

Beginning to loosen my grip;

but, I feel sick.

Please, Mother Earth heal me,

take this dark energy.


love from hate.

Hold me, caress my face.

Let me bask in your safe embrace.