Have you ever……?

Have you ever noticed that some people are so self absorbed that they can’t see beyond their own needs and wants to genuinely care about another person’s feelings? They may courteously pretend to be interested; but, they really could care less about your emotions, unless they are personally affected.

Then, there are others that put everyone else’s feelings before their own. They lack self worth and do not know how to put themselves first, even if it’s absolutely necessary.Their own lives become unhappy and incomplete because they are only living for others.

Where is the happy-medium?

Have you ever…?

Have you ever felt like you needed to scream & cry & yell…but at the same time, wanted to laugh and rejoice?
Because,  you actually get the cosmic joke, and no matter how much pain you feel in the moment, you know deep in your soul,  that all is as it should be& you are going to come out of that moment a wiser & stronger person!