Hello 2019!

Here we are, halfway through January, and I am trying to remind myself that a new year has begun. I started off strong, as most of us do with our resolutions and optimism. My daughter and I had a cozy New Year eve at home, followed by traditional Greek Spanokopita with the lucky quarter, that I finally got! Then we spent the rest of the first week of the year, with a DIY spa day, getting back to the gym, printing weekly planners and getting healthy and organized.


The second week….plummet. My heart got broken from a person I thought was a friend, I fell down the stairs and sprained my ankle, and then I bawled and wailed over my cat whom I am still not sure if he is dying. He wasn’t eating much for four days and less each day. The vet confirmed over the phone that it didn’t sound good and that they stop eating when their organs start shutting down. I have been waking up early and sitting at my altar, praying, smudging, crying. I performed Reiki on him and myself. I am somewhere between acceptance and praying for a miracle. I was intuitively guided to go out and buy some cat food with gravy, and thought that may appeal to him. My hope renewed when he actually began to eat last night. This morning he ate a little and drank some water. I read online that cats can have diseases such as kidney disease and cancer, where it appears they are dying but may live a while longer. I am monitoring him and will call the vet back and chat.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

Meanwhile I have been reflecting on how every January it seems there is some major trauma or challenge to over come. Last year it was losing my car, the year before bedbugs. Fortunately, with each battle, my warrior spirit gains wisdom, patience and enlightenment. No matter how challenging or painful, I know that I will come out the other side. Even through these present heartbreaks, I have maintained routine, self care and faith.

This year I will continue to love myself, heal myself and nurture myself. My journey thus far has been tumultuous with glimpses of hope. Healing has been painful with reward. Self love has become a multidimensional task, involving so much more than I anticipated.

I have been the caterpillar, completely dissolving, breaking down and rebuilding itself in it’s cocoon. This year, I hope to love and heal myself enough to at least start to break out of this cocoon and view my life as I am trying to manifest. A life of purpose and serving.

2018 had some intense retrogrades and challenges for all. Lots of purging and shedding old ways, people, etc. This theme continues as what no longer serves, dissolves. I hope that lucky quarter goes into effect for me and that 2019 will be the year prosperity and good health can at least be within reach. So far it has been a rollercoaster, hang on everyone!๐Ÿ˜โœŒ


Learning to Listen to my Body~

So, it’s only been a little over a week since my surgery; but, a few days ago I was feeling kind of good and without any pain pills. Naturally, my antsy stubborn self took over and started moving around furniture and lifting things, trying to distract myself from the unpacked boxes. Suddenly, it felt like my belly button ripped! This is where the incision from my surgery is. I didn’t look at it. I immediately sat down and put an ice pack on it. My mind taunted, “Always gotta learn the hard way, don’t ya?”

After sitting about a half hour with ice on my belly, I felt a little better. What do I do? Well, I realized I couldn’t do any lifting, so I cleaned. Did this still agitate my wound,,,,YES! I don’t know why I like to believe I am invincible sometimes. I looked at my incision and it was separated slightly and looked kind of swollen. Frightened and in pain, I spent the rest of the evening with ice and took a pain pill.

The next day I felt better. I had therapy scheduled for 11:30am, and stopped at the house in Kingston to grab some things. LIGHT things. Did I overdo and pack a basket that should not have been dragged into the car? Of course I did. Feeling the pain, I made myself a little ice pack and got ready for therapy.ย Physically I did not feel like going; but, I was already in the area and mentally I knew I had to go.

On the ride over, my mind taunted again, “Do you want to end up in the hospital with a ripped belly?” “Because if you ignore me, you know it’ll get worse until you listen!” Then I realized, this wasn’t my mind, it was my body speaking to me.

I sat in my session letting the tears and words fly. I learned that not only do I have mental triggers to these particular sections of my body that have been traumatized; but, that my body has those memories too. Therefore, it is to be expected that I would have more symptoms. It was a relief to understand that may be why I have had a hard time healing.

I asked for guidance on how to cope with another week of feeling anxious and not being able to do anything. My therapist then asked me what I thought it meant, that I could not be still and let my body heal. I replied proudly that I had learned quite a few years ago that the reason I used to have to be busy all the time is because I was afraid to be still and listen, and feel. and think. I feared what may surface or how I would cope with it. Although, I have come a far way from the busy wanna be super woman; I still have to learn more about listening to my body. Really listening.

I detached from my body years ago to cope with abuse. As an adult, I learned to care for my body with exercise and nutrition, and it felt good; but, I was still detached. I did not care for my body because I loved it. I viewed my body as an asset. In my modeling. In my dancing. In my relationships. I was disconnected.

I have heard my body but I never really listened. My body tried to send signals, I’m hungry. I’m tired. I need rest. My mind always responded, “I hear ya; but we just gotta do this first!” Usually as a result, I’d end up flat on my back somehow.

I am so glad that I dragged myself to therapy yesterday. I observe my situation and stop feeling anxious and frustrated that I can’t do more right now. I can look at it as an opportunity to relax and to be still. To really bond and incorporate my body into the healing process.

I apologize to my body for so many years of neglect. I thank it for always getting me through. Today, I vow to to nurture and to heal. To care for and respect my body’s needs and limitations. I will learn to listen to and eventually love my body.







The Gift of Self Love


Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

I believe the best gift you can give yourself, (or your loved one) is the gift of Self Love.

It took me 40+years to really understand Self Love and begin to practice it.

Self Love is the ONLY way to finally alleviate pain and accept yourself.

It’s a process that I am only in the early stages of; but, I can feel the healing.

If a person doesn’t love themselves, then they are looking to their loved ones to fill the void,

which is an impossible feat and unfair to expect.


This video is from Teal Swan, one of my favorites on enlightenment and healing.

Being a survivor of horrendous abuse herself; she rose above and lives as her authentic self.

In this video she challenges one to ask, “What would someone who loved themselves do?”

New Year Reflections~


Happy 2015!

Wow! I survived the holidays! I am here in the New Year!

I welcome the changes, though parts of me are dying,,,a new self is emerging.

I envision my daughter and I finally in our own place, living our lives to the fullest potential.

But…I am grounded in muck, my emotions are wild and my head cloudy.

With the winter, I find the need for withdrawal and introspection.

Knowing that in the spring, a new life will be sprouting.

This New year will reflect the person I always wanted to be~



The following entries I wrote on New Year 2004, they still very much relate~


I want…a bright future, with my daughter,

in the garden, healing animals.

I want…my health, and health for my family;ย 

and wealth, enough to get by.

I want…to live peacefully, to be content with myself,

and with others.

I want…education, knowledge,

and for my mind to always want more!

I want…to laugh, to cry, to always be in tune with my emotions.

I want…to wake up everyday and do all of these.

I want…to smell incense, hug a tree, to pray and meditate

and to hear symphonies.

I want…to paint, draw, color;

in a book, in the air, or in my mind.

I want…to create, to imagine, to dream

and never stop…

I want…to never stagnate, procrastinate,

complain, be ignorant or non-compassionate.

I want…to see the world, to explore

to live my life the way…

I want.


Dreams of a life

that has not happened yet.

Memories of a life

long gone.

Taunted by the mind.


One path,

One person,