Sitting on your Birthday


This morning

I mourn,

sitting with

the memory of

my mom.

The day of her birth

onto this Earth,

playing the tune

of the Cardinal’s song.

Angels dance and celebrate.

I sit with bittersweet fate.

Sending my love

up and out,

beyond the stars.

I sit and weep with

my wounds and scars.

Growth and change,

the season of Fall.

Drenched in pain,

feeling small.

I miss you

sweet mama,

my other half.

Your smile.

Your laugh.

Living in my memories,

you will be


Alive in my

heart and soul,

Today and all days.1376529_10201816702366786_995448202_n.jpg

Moon Goddess Chant

Moonmoon goddess.jpg

I saw today’s prompt and just had to share this chant my mother and I wrote one night while sitting at a campfire.

It was sung to her as she was dying.

Tonight’s full moon, I sit with my daughter and my mom.

I pray for all kind, and for myself,

and I will sing this chant:



Moon Goddess, 

shine upon us,

take away negativity.

Moon Goddess,

shine upon us,

show us our path meant to be.

Moon Goddess,

shine upon us,

set us free….

So Mote it Be

Sister’s Words


Sister’s words

are like swords

Slashing and tearing

me from 

my  “therapy throne.”

Deliberately belittling, 

so she didn’t have to

feel alone.

Sister’s words

are like punches

from sibling beatings

that would never end.

Bruised and broken.

Abandoned we were.

She attached herself to me

and I could not keep her safe.

Long and torturous our relationship has been.

Allies and adversaries through the horrors we have seen.

We are enemies and we are friends.

Sisterly love and sibling rivalry.

I must set myself free.

The past has passed,

leave it there.

No matter my actions,

you believe I don’t care.

Sister’s words 

hurt me no more.

The game is over.

Nobody scored.

My love you will always have.

My soul is mine to keep.

Sister’s words

I release…

and gently weep.


by Maria Fairbrother (pic credit Words by Nayla Smith)


Weary Parent

weary by the water

I am weary as this crushing world overpowers me

A single parent with mental illness,

giving all I can to my child whom also suffers

with the same lonely depression.

I am only one woman. 

Feeling alone and incapable

of the heavy living of life.

To provide the many needs tears at my flesh.

The home, the money, the meals, the emotional support.

At times, it is only my daughter and I

lost in the vast ocean, fighting the current.

Treading furiously, exhausted,

drowning in our sleep.

Hoping for the sun to rise and awaken to another day,

For the storm to pass, the waters to calm and a lifeboat

to come carry our weary bodies to shore.

I am a weary parent; but, with the kindness of few and the

grace of the great spirit, I paddle on.